2Wallet is a custodial wallet solution with a focus on remittance. Our philosophy is to bank the unbanked by providing a secure, fast, and reliable platform capable of scaling with additional retail merchant products. Our wallet operates on Bitcoin Core and the Lightning network.


We developed 2Wallet from scratch, with both iOS and Android versions compiled natively. We have applied our extensive knowledge of Blockchain Technologies and Cybersecurity expertise to create a first-class Bitcoin wallet with vast scalability for enterprise solutions.


We have carefully considered the needs of the low to middle-income population and the unbanked community. As a result, our product provides the following:

~A simple user interface.

~In-wallet support.

~A custodial solution for easy adoption and management with a small download application for those on limited data plans.


Because we control our closed-source proprietary software, we intend to utilize our cyber-secure compliant framework to assist nation-state adoption.