BLIP is a Bitcoin only, peer-to-peer, uncensorable, untraceable communication platform without compromise

Who – Anyone who values private communication from prying eyes. Anyone concerned with backward-looking audit of your communications. Anyone who may have a need to use our Hiroshima protocol to self-destruct the BLIP app on your phone, leaving not a trace of information.

How – Using the Lightning Network, we are able to secure communications using sats and because there is no third-party database such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) your communications are not archived. 

For context:  Satoshi Nakamoto established in the bitcoin protocol that 100,000,000 satoshi’s (SATS) make up 1 Bitcoin. If bitcoin is worth $20,000 today, divide it by 100,000,000. You will get $0.0002. This is what 1 satoshi is worth. Now divide 1 (representing $1 USD) by the value of a single satoshi in dollars to get the number of satoshis that equal $1. $1 divided by $0.0002 equals 5,000 sats. A BLIP peer-to-peer text message requires 2 sats. What does this mean? It means for less than a dollar a month you can send 2,500 messages in complete and absolute privacy.

Why – We created BLIP because our freedoms are being eroded every day, the right to free speech is now at a crossroads, and a solution is needed. Our perspective and design inputs are from 25 years in cyber security testing, protocol development, and brute force hacking of global communications platforms. 

Furthermore,  a need exists to help drive bitcoin adoption outside of the traditional model where users primarily focus on the price of bitcoin as an asset. One of the most undervalued and misunderstood applications of Bitcoin is the network. BLIP is a killer app that provides a means to focus on bitcoin and specifically the lightning network as a privacy tool. Using a small denomination of value encourages the user to try bitcoin for the first time to restore their right to free speech without focusing on the PRICE of bitcoin.

Users of BLIP will be required to have a touch point in adopting sats to power the BLIP application. The user needs to download a bitcoin wallet, preferably our 2Wallet, which supports both on-chain and lightning payments. The user needs to acquire a small amount of bitcoin, $5.00 worth is adequate. The user then needs to transfer a portion of those funds into the BLIP app so that they can send encrypted text messages.


Step 1. Download 2Wallet to purchase bitcoin through our partner Azteco

Step 2. Download BLIP app, set up account

Step 3. Send SATS from 2Wallet into the BLIP app

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