WELCOME TO HighVoltage

High Voltage provides the tools and counsel necessary for Nation States to leverage their full potential and resources by conducting international money transactions outside the SWIFT system, utilizing the most secure and anonymous medium of exchange protocol in the world.

As a non-traditional high-tech boutique agency, High Voltage has been revolutionizing the landscape in El Salvador since 2021. We are a high-tech development agency specializing in Bitcoin and the Lighting Network. We embrace what’s proven and what works, but we also value exploratory research in doing what no one has done before.


Looking for market-ready tools to allow international trade between nations? We have ready-to-go lightning wallets and commerce check-out source code available. We build nation-specific trading platforms with access to specific, beneficial analytics.


As nation-states look for an alternative medium of exchange without third-party controls, we offer scaleable, safe, and secure solutions. As nations begin using our platform, we can develop integrated lending tools (an alternative to the IMF), mining options as a means for natural resource energy conversion to trade exchange surplus (BTC), and a host of additional options depending on national interest. No limitations!


Our team is ready to build your platform. We aim to bring freedom and ease to international trade and money supply using the lightning network. While assisting nations in creating those means, we can develop any needed applications.