BLIP! is a Bitcoin-only, uncensorable, untraceable communication platform.


BLIP! is protected by a proprietary multi-layer encryption method we call – Hexsum

Unlike many other communication platforms

BLIP! is not Cloud-based.


There is no KYC process requiring registration by phone number or email

Every message is hashed by random key generation eliminating man-in-the-middle attacks.


Account recovery is only possible via a hash-generated private key during setup.


Secured by the Bitcoin blockchain using SATS….no stablecoins.


While there are many other messaging options available, BLIP! is set apart through its use of the Bitcoin Network.

All other messaging options can be compromised at some level. Below is the difference.

The many uses of BLIP!


text messaging

voice messaging

video conference


Large-scale information dissemination

bot administration

freedom to assembly focused

This application is for creating movements

For enterprise and governments

For investigative Journalists

closed channel communications


Transparent, auditable, real-time statistics, with verifiable hash receipt. Fully encrypted, cost effective Voting solutions.

*referendum*proxy *local *state *nation level

Driving Bitcoin Adoption

Most users are primarily focused on the price of bitcoin as an asset
One of the most undervalued and misunderstood applications of Bitcoin is the network.


Using a small denomination of SATS encourages the user to try bitcoin for the first time in an effort to restore their right to private speech without focusing on the PRICE of bitcoin.


Users of BLIP! are required to have a touch point in adopting SATS
The user needs to download a wallet, purchase a small amount of bitcoin, $5.00 is adequate. The user then transfers a portion of those funds into the BLIP! app so they can send encrypted text messages

When the time comes and you must erase all information on BLIP! enter your password press the Nuke button and all communication and history is gone forever!