It has become evident the means of international control is happening through the SWIFT system. Those reading this now who are looking for an alternative to this system know why it is necessary, so I will not belabor the point. Our development work intends to bring privacy, ease, and security to international trade between nations. Using bitcoin as a medium of exchange between countries’ currencies removes it from a valuation based on speculation (instability) and allows it to gain value based on use and demand alone (velocity). Using the Bitcoin Network through our Wallet brings high-level security, minimum transfer fees, privacy, and sovereignty to nations. 



HighVoltage has created The Hexsum Encryption Method, a highly effective and ultra-secure multi-layer encrypt-decrypt protocol that is applied to both our 2Wallet and BLIP! messaging platform.


Designed and considered with nation state adoption in mind, our solutions are optimized to allow our team to work expediently with all partners for private-label solutions while maintaining the utmost performance and security.


System implementations can be processed for testing in 30 to 60 days, depending on the client’s needs. Determining liquidity requirements as well as establishing your nation’s node for transaction monitoring is all part of the education and implementation process. Trading partners who transact within our platform will know they have the highest level of encryption against brute force attacks.

As bitcoin adoption spreads throughout the world, each country will have its own independent financial exchange system, allowing your nation’s currency to remain intact inside its borders. With this, our wallet and communication platforms are tools for global exchange and private communication between all countries throughout the Bitcoin Network. Each nation will have a bitcoin reserve for international transactions. A buyer in Russia will exchange his Rubles for bitcoin through Russia’s exchange, and then sends the bitcoin to the seller in Brazil. The seller in Brazil then exchanges his received bitcoin to Real through Brazil’s exchange. Using our platform for these global trades will guarantee extremely low fees and extremely high security



The 2Wallet platform is the most robust custodial Bitcoin Wallet because of its design and architecture. We have avoided using already available frameworks for mobile phones; instead, we have used native languages for each platform, which gives us more adaptability and security.


Our wallet application is small at 10mb making it fast to download and effective for rolling out to citizens of your nation. Our wallet encompasses a full spectrum of optionally and operations, including, H+ data connections.


Transacting through our wallet is fast, and when transacting within the High Voltage platform, fees are meager due to optimized Lightning nodes.


Regarding security, we have a cybersecurity-compliant framework; all data has multi-layered encryption, so your data and transactions are safe.



Sergey Lavrov has described the emergence of a New “Free” World Order.

We are here to assist in this transition. Contact us today, and we will explain our process and why our system is the best for the world’s collective future.