A Time for Change

We know that the winners write history. But today, we see the present written and sculpted by a massive Western media machine, propagating all forms of information with a plan to lead from the confusion they create. I first became aware of this through the writings of Noam Chompsky. He could easily decipher an article’s message because he maintained a large worldview. And today, in a world celebrating “fake news,” everyone who does not have a large worldview based on an understanding of accurate history feels fatigued by the confusion the Western media propagates.

I’m reading the book “Pirates and Emperors Old and New” by Noam, and I find that it’s fanning the embers of my frustrations I’ve tried to bury. It reminds me of the injustice for those not part of the “Golden Billion,” AKA the Collective West, AKA the “Western Empire.” To this point in my life, I have felt there would be no way to overturn the decades of oppression the West has held on so many nations. But today, I have a new sense of hope.

The power of Western oppression has historically come from resourcefulness, drive/productivity, military might, and global financial controls (SWIFT). Today, their resourcefulness has been replaced with craftiness. Their drive/productivity is now replaced with entitlement/laziness. Their military might, coupled with their entitlement/laziness, is now inferior to other nations and declining. But their financial controls, through the SWIFT system, still have a grip on the world.

At the time I am writing this, the West has sanctioned Russia in an effort to cripple its economy. However, this time, it’s not happening. The West has become so detached from base reality that they have forgotten the fundamentals. The collective West is a net importer, and Russia is a net exporter. Historically, the countries with the commodities are conquered and controlled by the West. However, never before has a nation with mass commodities had the military might to deter a regime change. This new phenomenon could end in a stalemate scenario. However, due to extenuating circumstances, it won’t. This situation will bring about a favorable paradigm shift for the world’s oppressed nations, or better stated, financial freedom and national sovereignty.


NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 30 member states. Its role is to use military might to control the world. The rulers of NATO are working to establish centralized controls for all people around the globe, a New World Order. Interestingly, this comes at a time when oppressed nations are beginning to awaken to the fundamentals; they hold the commodities and are productive societies. Put another way referencing the old cliche, “the tail is wagging the dog,” the oppressed nations have come to realize they have become the dog, and the West is now the tail. But coming to that realization independently, as a small nation against the Goliath NATO, leaves little hope for change. Unless, however, they get organized and create alliances. Enter the quiet, almost forgotten union of BRICS, the Association of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. These are economically emerging nations formerly oppressed.

In contrast to NATO, BRICS is working to create a network of productive countries that can freely conduct international business as they please, a Fair World Order. But what NATO has that BRICS doesn’t is the SWIFT system. Without a means of international transfer of funds between nations and currencies, SWIFT will continue to control international relations and business. With this control, the dollar, as the global medium of exchange, will maintain its volume of use, and that velocity of dollar use will strengthen the dollar’s dominance.


Sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees if we stand too close. What BRICS needs is a global medium of exchange for monetary transfer. Preferably an anonymous one and one that is foolproof.

In a world awash with pump and dump distractions, bitcoin has been lumped in and confused with garbage cryptocurrencies. Most people see bitcoin as any other crypto coin, which is the West’s strategy. And if they keep promoting it as such, most will be afraid and never explore it further. Bitcoin is so much more. While it is the perfect medium of exchange, it is anonymous between peers. It can function at the nation-state level or an individual level.

One of the most misunderstood attributes of Bitcoin is the actual protocol itself. When the discussion of bitcoin comes up, it is usually around the “value” of a bitcoin on any given day compared to other currencies and its use as a medium of exchange. However, in the same way that SWIFT requires dollars to be sent across its network, the Bitcoin protocol requires bitcoin and bitcoin only to be sent across its network. An example of the value proposition is this; a person in Turkey can convert an amount of Turkish Lira into bitcoin and then send that value in bitcoin over the Bitcoin network to someone else in another part of the world. The recipient can then take that bitcoin and convert it back into their local currency or keep it in bitcoin. All of this happens in a matter of seconds at a meager fee. And this is done without permission or oversight from any government authority or third party.

When we think of Bitcoin, there are two components to the system that can be confusing, but once you understand the references, it is easier to visualize. (B)itcoin with a capital “B” is in most cases a reference to the network, think SWIFT. (b)itcoin with a lowercase “b” in most cases is a reference to the currency; think US dollars or your local currency.

Bitcoin is a decentralized, permission-less operating system void of traditional banking requirements. The Bitcoin protocol is agnostic, much like the internet. It does not care if the value being sent is 2 dollars worth of bitcoin or 2 billion dollars worth of bitcoin. For this reason, the protocol works for individuals, businesses, and nation-states alike. It is simply up to you if you choose to use the system to transfer value; in the same way, it is up to you if you decide to use the internet to look up an article on the internet. One does not need to hold their wealth in bitcoin to utilize the protocol benefits of by-passing SWIFT or other banking restrictions because it operates outside this system.

When BRICS nations realize this powerful tool, they will want to adopt its use for global exchange. As they do, bitcoins value will stabilize as its velocity increases. In contrast, the dollar velocity will decline and destabilize as SWIFT is bypassed. In the context of a global medium of exchange alone, Bitcoin can create a thriving international means of global trade. It can usher in the Fair World Order and, in doing so, destroy the efforts to develop the globally oppressive New World Order.

Let’s take a moment and explore the effects of BRICS nations jumping on a BTC exchange. The spreadsheet below shows the current export/import activity of BRICS and soon-to-join BRICS nations.  

In this sheet, I am removing the current “perception” based valuation per btc of $24,543.00. I show a base demand valuation using only seven countries’ export/import numbers. If these countries had exclusive access to all existing btc, the minimum demand value would be approximately $27,091.48/btc. If only 5% of existing btc currently in the world were available for use, the current demand would drive the base value to $466,317.00/btc. The consistent monthly use (velocity) will stabilize the value based on that demand. As demand increases, so does the value relative to BTC in circulation. If we applied the current valuation of btc and the given availability to this demand, the value would be over $11,000,000,000.00/btc, which would be inaccurate. The actual valuation would recalibrate based on overall monthly use/demand and availability of liquid/circulating btc.

When Nations begin to use a system outside SWIFT, that system will experience attacks of unprecedented levels. For this reason, an exchange software system must be bulletproof. Most, if not all, exchange software is designed with low-level security protection. There are many back doors into existing wallets that compromise transactions or accounts of users. That statement isn’t hyperbole; our team hacks software to learn points of weakness. And through this, they have developed the most secure exchange software available today.

If lovers of freedom want to see a Free World in their future, the wallet on their device must protect their identity, bitcoin, and bitcoin transactions.

Our team is known as High Voltage, and we can assist in establishing nations with the means to make this happen. We have experience in Nation State adoption of Bitcoin as a means for global monetary exchange. We have the tools necessary to quickly implement global financial interactions between nations while allowing each government to maintain sovereignty with its unique national currency.

As nation-states look toward adopting a sound monetary policy, many questions will arise. We promote national and international inter-institutional training and educational efforts to integrate populations into the Bitcoin ecosystem. These address the social challenges posed by adoption, especially for populations that lack formal academic training. Our applications and solutions are intuitive, fast, and secure, allowing you to use Bitcoin to its full potential. Our platform is nationally designated and the most secure application available. Simply stated, our national branded system will have farmers in Panama selling their pineapples to buyers in Russia, India, Africa, or wherever they choose, easily and without issue. And each of those countries will be able to see their national trade volume of exports and imports in real-time.

Contact us if your country is ready to enter a world free to do business and be liberated from SWIFT.